Berta Ferrer-Rosell

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     Peer reviewed Journal articles

     Book chapters

  • 1. Cristóbal-Fransi, E.; Ferrer-Rosell, B.; Daries-Ramon, N. La comunicación insitucional universitaria a través de las redes sociales. In: Innovación universitaria: digitalización y excelencia en contenidos. Pp: 149-160. McGraw-Hill, Madrid. ISBN: 978-84-48612-71-9

    Peer reviewed Conference proceedings

  • 4. Coenders, G.; Ferrer-Rosell, B.; Mateu-Figueras, G.; Pawlowsky-Glahn, V. MANOVA of Compositional Data with a Total. In: Proceedings of the 6th International Workshop on Compositional Data Analysis - CODAWORK'15. Girona, University of Girona, 2015, 63-73. ISBN: 78-84-8458-451-3
  • 3. Ferrer-Rosell, B.; Coenders, G.; Martínez-Garcia, E. Trip characteristics as predictors of actual Internet use dimensions to plan & book a trip. In: Proceedings of X Congreso de Turismo y Tecnologías de la Información y las Comunicaciones - TURITEC'14. Málaga, Universidad de Málaga, 2014, 242-254. ISBN: 978 84 617 0914 4.
  • 2. Coenders, G.; Ferrer-Rosell, B.; Martínez-Garcia, E. Actual Internet use to plan and book a trip as a bidimensional latent variable related to trip characteristics. In: Proceedings of the 4th Advances in Hospitality Marketing & Management Conference - AHTMM'14. Maurtius, University of Mauritius, 2014, 324-349. ISSN: 169412225
  • 1. Ferrer-Rosell, B.; Martínez-Garcia, E.; Coenders, G. Does travelling with low cost affect trip duration?. In: Papers of the First Congress of Leisure and Tourism - OCITUR'12. Mataró, Escola Universitària del Maresme. 2012, 129-152. ISBN: 978-84-695-3343-7

     Submitted works

  •  Do high-quality restaurants act as pull-factors to a tourist destination?
  • Compositional Data Analysis in Tourism and Hospitality. Review and future directions
  • Projected versus perceived destination image: The case of Barcelona
  • Doctoral Theses

    • Supervisor: Xin Zhou (in progress): E-marketing, social media and tourism
    • Member of the thesis committee: Marc Blasco Duatis (2018). El análisis composiconal (CoDa) como herramienta para el mapeo de la teoría de la agenda-setting. Estudio de caso de la opinión sobre política en el sistema mediático español, dentro del período de las Elecciones Generales de 2015. Excellent "Cum Laude"

    Review Activity


    Tourism Management · Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research · Current Issues in Tourism · Tourism Economics · Revista de Análisis Turístico · European Journal of Management and Business Economics · International Journal of Services and Operations Management · Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing · Journal of Sustainable Tourism · Cuadernos de Turismo · Anatolia


    AEMARK 2017, 2018 · ENTER 2018 · EMAC 2018 · TURITEC 2018

    Official research projects

    • Project of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness: ECO2017-88984-R "Tourism analysis of peer-to-peer accommodation platforms in Spanish destinations through user-generated content and other online sources". 2018-2021. Coordinated by Estela Marine-Roig & Berta Ferrer-Rosell (University of Lleida)
    • Project of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness: EDU2015-68610-R "Assessing Individual and Team Entrepreneurial Potential”. 2015-2018. Coordinated by Joan Manuel Batista Foguet (ESADE - University Ramon Llull)
    • Project of the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness: MTM2015-65016-C2-1-R "COmpositional Data Analysis and RElated meThOdS (CODA-RETOS)". 2015-2017. Coordinated by Josep Antoni Martín-Fernández & Glòria Mateu-Figueras (University of Girona)
    • Project of European Union - Tempus Program: LMPH Nr 544191 Tempus 1-2013-1-PT JPCR "Licence Masters professionnels en management des activités hôtelières pour le développement de l'industrie touristique en Géorgie, Azerbaïdjan et Moldavie". 2013-2015. Coordinated by Joaquim Majó (University of Girona)
    • Project of the Spanish Agency for Cooperation, Research and Development (AECID): "Capacity Building for researchers and professionals for the development of sustainable Tourism in Ethiopia". 2012. Coordinated by Lluís Mundet i Cerdan (University of Girona)

    Conferences attended

    Research Courses attended

    • October 2018. Best practices in PhD supervision (8 hours) - Unversity of Lleida
    • May 2016. Workshop about PhD thesis supervision (8 hours) - University of Zaragoza
    • March 2016. Neuroeducation (25 hours) - Catalan Open University
    • October-November 2015. MOOC course on e-Tourism: Communication Perspectives (30 hours) - University Svizzera Italiana 
    • July 2015. Making the most of being a reviewer (3.5 hours) - European Survey Research Association
    • July 2015. Designing effective web surveys (3.5 hours) - European Survey Research Association
    • June 2015. Supervising doctoral thesis and coordinating research groups (13 hours) - University of Girona
    • September 2014. Workshop with Atlas.Ti (4 hours) - University of Girona
    • July 2013. The essentials of questionnaire design and testing (3.5 hours) - European Survey Research Association
    • July 2013. Choosing the right software tool for implementing web surveys (3.5 hours) - European Survey Research Association
    • May 2013. Cross-border doctorate seminars (30 hours) - University Via Domitia Perpignan
    • March 2013. Abilities for writing research project proposals (10 hours) - University of Girona
    • July 2012. Open Seminar on Compositional Data Analysis (20 hours) - University of Girona
    • March-May 2011. Writing and presenting a paper (20 hours) - University of Girona